Marqueur laser YVO4 à 3 axes

Série MD-V9900A

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MD-V9900A Series 3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker

  • CE Marking


For the first time in the industry, a laser marker has the capability to perform marking not only in the X and Y directions, but also the Z direction! The MD-V employs YVO4 as its laser crystalline media for stable high-aquality marking.

    • World's first: DEPC (Dual End Pumping Cavity)
    • World's first: High peak power with ultra-short pulse width
    • World's largest range: Ultra-high pulse recurrence frequency 400 kHz
    • World's first: 42-mm variable focal length
    • World's first: Variable spot size
    • Largest in its class: 300 x 300-mm wide area
    • World's first: 3-Axis marking with outstanding visibility

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