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January 17, 2012
Subject : Colour Detection Application | Static Electricity Basics | Experience Instant Measurement | 2-in-1 High Speed Camera Guide | Image Processing Tips #7

Do You Have a Challenging Colour Detection Application?
Discover Our RGB Digital Colour, Lustre & UV Sensors!
The CZ-V Series offers a variety of sensor heads to choose from and the ability to detect colour, lustre, and UV. With three different sensing modes and options such as an adjustable beam spot and lustre cancellation, this series is sure to meet your application needs!

Download our free brochure today to learn how the CZ-V Series can benefit you!
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Presenting Our Guide to Static Electricity Basics
Volume 2 of Static Electricity Knowledge Features Illustrations that Make Everything Instantly Understandable!
This illustrated guide provides the basic information you need when dealing with static electricity. This guide explains when grounding is effective, the relationship between humidity and static electricity, and more. Use this second volume as a reference in preparing for the winter, when static electricity is particularly prevalent.
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Experience Instant Measurement
Learn Why We Are Changing the Optical Comparator Market.
Try it at your desk now or reply to us to have one brought to you! We can setup and demonstrate this technology in 15 minutes. We can program, measure, and provide reports ON YOUR PARTS in 5 minutes!
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New 2-in-1 High-speed Camera Guide!
Perform High-speed Imaging and Magnified Observation with a Single System.
Our new two-in-one high-speed microscope combines the ability to record 230,000 frames per second with the top-of-the-line magnification of our VHX-1000 Digital Microscope. Download the guide or ask for a visit on
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Image Processing Useful Tips Vol.7
An Explanation of Pre-processing that Improves the Stability of Image Processing.
To allow stable inspections using image processing technology, it is crucial to minimise noise in images.
This booklet introduces pre-processing filters which reduce noise which cannot be eliminated only by improving optical conditions.
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