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January 31, 2012
Subject : Free Process Improvement Guide | Image Processing Useful Tips Vol.8 | Digital Microscope | Measuring Gauges

Free Process Improvement Application Guides
We've Prepared Applications for the Electronics, Automotive, Film Manufacturing, Food/Pharmaceutical, Metal/Processing, and Semiconductor/IC Industries.
These booklets present top applications by process for each industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to download and benefit from these improvement tips.
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Image Processing Useful Tips Vol.8
An Explanation of Important Communication Related Items Concerning the Handling of Image Processing Result Data
Lately, communication via Ethernet has been increasing as there has been a rising demand to save not only measurement data, but also images to the HDD in regard to communication between image processing and control devices. High-speed Ethernet, which is faster than communication via RS-232C or USB, is better suited for communication with large amounts of data and it has been assumed that high-speed Ethernet will continue to spread even more from now on.
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Digital Microscope On-site Report!
Introducing Industry Applications and Supervisor Interviews.
We discussed the implementation of our VHX Digital Microscope Series with supervisors within several different industries. Download this guide to see how they were able to improve their inspection processes and reduce development time.
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Improve Yield Rates and Control Investment Costs
See How Measuring Gauges Can Help You!
We've compiled a set of case studies on improvements to control investment costs. Reading these materials will reveal new opportunities for improving processes simply by employing measuring gauges. Take this opportunity to download your copy of site improvement hints!
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