High-speed, High-accuracy Digital MicrometerLS-7000 series


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Product Name

LS-Navigator: Setting and Support Software for LS-7600/7000 Series

Supported operating systems

Windows 10*1
Windows 7 (SP1 or later)*2
Windows Vista (SP2 or later)*3
Windows XP (SP3 or later)*4

Required free space on hard disk

10 MB or greater

Required display

VGA (800 x 600 pixels) or greater, 256 colours or greater


Pentium III 400 MHz or greater

Memory capacity

64 MB or greater

PC interface

RS-232C (serial port) interface built-in

*1 Home, Pro, and Enterprise editions each are supported.
*2 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions each are supported.
*3 Ultimate, Business, Home Premium, and Home Basic editions each are supported.
*4 Professional and Home Edition editions each are supported.

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