High-speed, High-Accuracy, digital inductive displacement sensors

EX-V series

ICs & Electronics Industries

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Extruded chassis warpage check

Keyence EX-V Series

Detection of VCR Chassis Warpage

The EX-V Series detects VCR chassis warpage based on the difference in distance between the target and each sensor head.

Floppy disk shutter installation

Keyence EX-V Series

Measuring The Gap Between Floppy Disk Shutter Faces

The EX-V Series measures the distance to the floppy disk shutter face to obtain the gap between the shutter faces. Using the measured value input from the sensor, the RD analogue sensor controller then checks whether the gap is within the preset tolerance limits to detect defective disk shutters.

Rubber roller measurement

Keyence EX-V Series

Measurement of Rubber Roller

The LK and EX-V Series measure the distance between a sensor head and rubber roller and between a sensor head and metal shaft. The RD analogue sensor controller receives the analogue data and processes the data using the X-Y function.

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