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Static Eliminators / Ionisers

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SJ-H Series

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Discontinued Series:

Bar Type

SJ-H series - Sheath-Sensing Ioniser

5 times better static elimination speed compared with conventional models, Industry-best static elimination capacity

Discontinued Series

Blower / Fan Type

SJ-F2000/5000 series - High-speed, High precision, Wide Static Elimination Blower

Reducing electrostatic problems by eliminating static in the entire environment including manufactured goods, the human body and surrounding components.

SJ-F300 series - High-speed, High-precision Free-layout Static Elimination Blower

Static elimination for twice the area at the twice the speed of previous models. Connect 5 models to a single controller, a world's first.

Point / Spot / Gun Type

SJ-M series - High-performance Micro Static Eliminator

The super-small static elimination head measures only 10 mm in diameter. Direct static elimination structure in its tip ensures no attenuation in ion generation.

SJ-M400 series - Gun-type Micro Static Eliminator

You can use the SJ-M400 Series easily and quickly to prevent dust adhesion in production cells or other processes.

Discontinued Series

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