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IV Series Vision Sensor
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IV Series Vision Sensor

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Unit : mm
IV-500C/IV-150M/IV-500M/IV-2000M/IV-500CA/IV-150MA/IV-500MA/IV-2000MA Dimensions
With dome attachment
With polarised filter attachment
Power I/O cable OP-87440 (2 m)/OP-87441 (5 m)/OP-87442 (10 m)
OP-87440/OP-87441/OP-87442 Dimensions
With OP-87685
IV-M30 Dimensions
Intelligent monitor
IV-M30 Dimensions
Using the panel mounting adapter
Using the DIN mounting adapter
Monitor power cable
OP-87443 (2 m)/OP-87444 (5 m)/OP-87445 (10 m)
OP-87443/OP-87444/OP-87445 Dimensions
Ethernet cable
OP-87454 (2 m)/OP-87455 (5 m)/OP-87456 (10 m)
OP-87454/OP-87455/OP-87456 Dimensions
Monitor cable
OP-87446 (2 m)/OP-87447(5 m)/OP-87448(10 m)/OP-87449(20 m)
OP-87446/OP-87447/OP-87448/OP-87449 Dimensions
Online Support and Services
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General Catalog  
Just released Get your copy today.
Master the pattern search tool in just 10 minutes!
Focus and Brightness Completed with One-Click. Even First-Timers Can Easily Setup the IV Series without the Use of a Manual.
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