Ultra High-Speed, Multi-Camera, High-Performance Image Processing System

XG-8000 series


A rich variety of cameras

Line Scan Options

The XG-8500L/8700L/8800L vision systems offer line scan camera connectivity giving an extra level of image processing to the XG Series. The XG-8000 Series removes the complexities of compiling an image with a line scan camera through the easy connectivity and option driven interface. This enables line scan technology to be taken full advantage of, while driving down the time, effort and difficulty required to implement.


*Supports F-mount conversion adapter

Easy Setup Confirmation with LED Indicators for Brightness and Sharpness [INDUSTRY FIRST]


The typically difficult task of obtaining the correct camera mounting is made easy using visual LED indicators right on the camera that show the level of light intensity and sharpness being received. This drastically reduces the amount of time needed for line scan camera installation.

Waveform Viewer

Adjust for variations of received light intensity in the camera

Uneven brightness is typical when performing wide range image capture with line scan cameras. The built-in waveform viewer on the XG-8000 displays the intensity shading information of the image captured by the camera.

Waveform Viewer

Select the Best Camera for the Application [WIDEST RANGE]

Whether the application calls for high quality inspection with a colour megapixel camera, fast processing inspection with a 7x high-speed camera, or mounting a compact camera in a tight environment, the wide variety of XG Series camera line-up can provide the ideal solution.


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