Customizable Vision System

XG-8000 series


The XG Series contains high level vision system technology to provide flexibility and power to solve a wide range of applications.

    • No need to select lighting! Newly developed algorithm which can be a breakthrough for image processing
    • Powerful Vision Software
    • Flexible Multi Camera Hardware
    • Easy to Use Touch Panel Display
    • Simple Operation using the Handheld Controller
    • PC Interaction with Mouse Control
    • Integrated Development Environment
    • The XG is a single system that meets all of your image processing needs with the simplicity of a stand-alone vision system, yet providing the flexibility of a PC-based system.

    • No experience required to select lighing! - newly-developed, revolutionary Lumitrax function

    • A communication interface that anyone can use, there is no need to select the user

    • The XG Series offers the power to solve even the most difficult of vision applications.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Electrical and Electronic Industries.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Automotive and Metal Industries.

    • Machine vision application examples in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Others Industries.

    • Solve applications by using the intuitive and powerful features of the XG-8000L

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