Customizable Vision System

XG-8000 series


Understand Optical Axis Consistency at A Single Glance

A user-friendly design that makes it easy to understand the installation condition at a singe glance

Ease of use has been empahised in order to reduce the amount of time, effort and difficulty of implementing a line scan camera, which have traditionally been issues with conventional line scan camera installations. The XG-8000 Series is equipped with an interface that makes it easy to understand and install the line scan camera into the application.







LED indicator [Industry's first]

The typically difficult task of obtaining the correct camera mounting is made easy using visual LED indicators right on the camera that show the level of light intensity and sharpness being received.
This drastically reduces the amount of time needed for line scan camera installation.

Multi-Camera, Simultaneous Acquisition System

The XG-8000 Series offers the choice of up to 16 types of area cameras and 3 types of line scan cameras. This allows the same XG programming interface to be used no matter which camera is connected and provides the flexibility to easily adapt to changes that may occur with the inspection criteria.

Multi-Camera System Example: XG-8700L

Multi-Camera System Example: XG-8700L

*The 5MP area type camera is compatible with the XG-8700L controller only. (Used with XG-EC80 camera input unit connected.)
*The XG-HL04M/08M are compatible with the XG-8700L controller only. (Used with the XG-EC80L camera input unit connected.)

Different Camera Combination Example

The entire circumference of the cylinder side is captured into a single image using the line scan camera while it is rotated. The top surface is captured with an area camera and the entire workpiece is inspected in one cycle. The combination of two different types of cameras results in reduced inspection times and cost.

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