Lineup and Specs

  • 16-bit 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
    VK-X250 Controller
    VK-X260 Measuring Unit

    408 nm Wavelength Violet Laser

    0.5 nm Display Resolution

  • 16-bit 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
    VK-X150/X120 Controller
    VK-X160/X130 Measuring Unit

    658 nm Wavelength Red Semiconductor Laser

    5 nm Display Resolution

Product Specifications










Total magnification

Up to 28000×*1

Up to 19200×*1

Field of view (minimum range)

11 to 5400 µm

16 to 5400 µm

Frame rate

Laser measurement speed

4 to 120 Hz, 7900 Hz*2

Measurement principles

Optical system

Pinhole confocal optical system

Light-receiving element


Scanning method (during standard measurements and image stitching)

Automatic upper/lower limit setting, rapid laser light intensity setting (AAGII),
automatic detection and rescanning in case of poor reflection (double scan)

Height measurement


0.5 nm

5 nm

Linear scale

Dynamic range (Supported width for the amount of light received from work)


Repeatability σ

20×: 40 nm, 50×: 12 nm, 150×: 12 nm *3

20×: 40 nm, 50×: 20 nm, 100×: 20 nm *3

Memory for Z-axis measurement

14 million steps

1.4 million steps


0.2 + L/100 μm or better*3*4

Stage configuration


Sensor head can be separated and attached to another stand

Maximum sample height

28 mm, 128 mm (optional), unlimited in case of separated sensor head

Width measurement

Display resolution

1 nm

10 nm

Repeatability 3σ

20×: 100 nm, 50×: 40 nm, 150×: 20 nm*3

20×: 100 nm, 50×: 50 nm, 100×: 30 nm*3

XY stage configuration

Manual: Operating range

70 mm×70 mm

Motorized: Operating range

50 × 50 mm, 100 × 100 mm*5


Image options

High-definition colour CCD image
16-bit laser colour confocal image
Confocal optical system with ND filter
C-laser DIC image (differential interference image)

Maximum capture resolution


Laser light source for measurements


Violet semiconductor laser, 408 nm

Red semiconductor laser, 658 nm

Maximum output power

0.95 mW

Laser class

Class II laser device (DIN EN60825-1)



Approx. 26 kg (without sensor head, approx. 10 kg)

Approx. 25 kg (without sensor head, approx. 8.5 kg)


Approx. 11 kg

*1 With a 23-inch monitor.
*2 At maximum speed when using a combination of measurement mode/measurement quality/lens magnification. When the line scan is within a measurement pitch of 0.1 μm.
*3 When measuring the reference scale with the 20× objective lens (or higher) at an ambient temperature of 20 ± 2 °C. With the exception of the VK-X120/X130 with the 100× objective lens.
*4 L = Vertical measurement length in μm
*5 With a motorised stage.

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