01. 3D Measurement of a Large Area within Seconds

Measurements within seconds and measurement range of 30 mm to 224 mm (diagonal). The VR does not use a probe, instead it operates contactless. It uses reflected light to obtain the entire 3D shape of the object. Using telecentric lenses with minimal light distortion enables accurate 3D measurements over a large area.

02. Accurate Measurements Even by New Users

"I don't know what the highest point on the object is."
"The measurement points vary between different users."
"The obtained value differs greatly between multiple measurements."

The VR Series eliminates as much as possible the influence of the user's skill level and the measurement method used, enabling highly consistent measurements.

03. Height, Roughness, and Radius – Wide Variety of 3D Measurement Tools

The VR Series includes a cross-sectional profile measurement menu with tools for measuring height, width, angle, radius etc. Also included is a variety of 3D analysis functions such as height difference, area, volume, and roughness.

With the intuitive interface, all functions are just a few clicks away, enabling measurements to be completed in a short time.

  • Cross-sectional profile measurement

  • Average height difference measurement

    The average height and maximum height in the selected area on the screen are measured in a short time. You can view the height differences by selecting multiple areas.

  • Roughness measurement

    Line roughness and surface roughness measurements can be performed in accordance with ISO standards. Because a non-contact method is used, highly accurate measurements can be performed even on soft objects such as rubber and paper.

04. Adding Colour to 3D Measurements

The real-colour 3D lighting unit faithfully obtains the red, blue and green colour information. The 3D scan data is displayed in full colour.
This makes it possible to check the overall appearance and shapes at a glance, which enables accurate judgment.

3D measurement of small parts

[05] XYZ Traceability

Highly-reliable measurement results can be obtained and are traceable according to international standards. An XYZ calibration scale is included with each system so that users can quickly calibrate on-site as needed.