Supplier Contact Information

We are always searching better suppliers who can offer cutting-edge components at lower prices. We welcome your offers to establish mutually beneficial relationship.

1. Object of overseas purchasing
  • Electronic components, such as switches, relays, connectors, cooling fans, etc.
  • Electronics device, such as memory, transistors, or FET, etc.
  • Optical lens
  • LED's
  • LCD module
  • Injection molding parts
  • Metal casting parts
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Machining parts
  • Cable assembly
  • Metal plate process
  • For marking industry
    • High-powered Laser Diode
    • Laser Oscillator
    • Crystal (YAG, YV04, YLF)
    • CO2 Laser
    • Q-Switch
    • Galvano scanner
    • Miniature pump

2. To contact

Please send your offer to Overseas Purchasing group.
Click here for e-mailing

We look forward to your offers!


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