Remote Display with Added Functionality

Multi-Sensor Controller
MU-N Series

In certain mounting situations, it can be challenging or even impossible to read the FD-Q’s display. By pairing the FD-Q with a MU-N controller, a separate display can be utilised, as well as increased functionality, in an easily accessible location.

Intuitive Displays

The MU-N features a clear, OLED display that offers real time graphing for simplified flow monitoring.

Settings Back-Up Function

The Settings Back-Up Function allows users to save sensor settings on the MU-N and quickly transfer them to new sensors.

Sensor Identification Function

Easily identify which FD-Q is connected to a given MU-N controller by making that unit’s indicator flash.

Network Compatibility

By combining the MU-N Series with the KEYENCE NU Series, users can transmit data over a standard industrial network.

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