Marqueur laser à fibre optique à 3 axes

Série MD-F3000

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3-Axis Fibre Laser Technology

What is a fibre laser?

What is a fibre laser?

A fibre laser marker utilizes a fibre optic cable that has been doped with Yb (Ytterbium) as a laser generating medium.
The fibre laser doesn't require an amplifier and offers higher performance compared to solidstate lasers, making it possible to decrease the size of the marker. A high light conversion ratio allows for decreased power consumption compared to conventional laser markers.
The MD-F Series combines a "high-power 30W output" and "naturally-cooled fanless marking unit" by maximizing the cooling effect using original technology developed by KEYENCE. This brings dramatic improvement to marking time and quality in most applications.

Characteristics of a fibre laser

High optical conversion ratio

Efficient cooling

High beam stability

Reduced size


The high-power fibre laser marker plays an important role in every industry including the automotive, precision part manufacturing, and medical industries.

Automotive parts

Automotive parts

Precise 2D codes can be marked on products at high speed, which greatly contributes to improved productivity for management of manufacturing history and process controls.

Precision metal components

Precision metal components

For precision metal components, it is ideal to produce easy to read, black markings. The MD-F Series can generate highly-visible black markings while minimizing surface damage.

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

With 2D codes, reliable distinct marks can be provided not only for the manufacturing history, but also for tracking equipment through the sterilization process, usage history, storage, and maintenance.


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