Marqueur laser YVO4 à 3 axes

Série MD-V9900A

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High-power YVO4 Laser

Reduced Marking Time with High Quality

Double the optical exchange efficiency of conventional systems

DEPC (Patent pending)

The MD-V9900A Series is equipped with the newly developed DEPC (Dual End Pumping Cavity). The DEPC significantly improves the optical exchange efficiency compared to that of a traditional end pumping system.
This higher efficiency means that the diode has to use less current to generate the equivalent power, reducing energy consumption and increasing diode life.

Efficiency is more than doubled

Efficiency is more than doubled

DEPC (Dual End Pumping Cavity)

Bearings (black colouration marking)

Bearings (black colouration marking)

Ultra-high pulse recurrence frequency 400 kHz

The MD-V9900A Series employs a Q switch frequency more than double that of previous KEYENCE lasers. The high frequency enables smooth marking of fine resolutions on high speed productions lines. Both continuous wave and pulse oscillation are available to accommodate varying surface conditions

Ultra-high pulse recurrence frequency 400 kHz

Adjustable over a wide range from CW (continuous wave) to 400 kHz pulse

Power linearity

The power linearity of traditional laser systems is typically +/-5%, and could be even larger at low power. The MD-V9900A achieves an incredible +/-2% power stability, meaning that the mark will never chip, burn, or blur.

Power linearity

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