Marqueur laser YVO4 à 3 axes

Série MD-V9900A

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Single Mode Beam Spot

End-pumping YV04 Laser System

Single mode beam spot

The MD-V utilizes an end-pumping YV04 laser system that generates an ideal laser beam. Conventional systems are forced to employ a multi-mode laser, leading to fluctuations in laser power and target quality.
Single mode laser's concentrate the beam to provide high quality marking on a wide range of surfaces.

MD-V power distribution

Power peaks are concentrated on the centre of the beam.
Furthermore, ultra-short pulse marking enables sharp marking without adding extra stress.

MD-V marking photo  300x

MD-V marking photo                300X


MD-V power distribution

MD-V power distribution

YAG power distribution

Peaks of power exist randomly in the beam. This is equivalent to using a lot of low powers to mark characters on a target surface. It is difficult to mark characters uniformly.

Traditional YAG marking photo   300X

Traditional YAG marking photo          300X


Traditional YAG power distribution

Traditional YAG power distribution

Variable spot size [World's first]

LSI (High accuracy marking with defocusing)

Varying the spot size of the laser is helpful when trying to enhance the contrast of characters on specific materials, or engrave more deeply into the target surface.
Typical defocus techniques may cause varying character size and position, while the MD-V can provide uniform quality of characters.

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