Marqueur laser YVO4 à 3 axes

Série MD-V9900A

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3-Axis Control

Improved Installation, Mark Quality, and Accuracy

Variable focal length [World's first]

Variable focal length

The 3-Axis laser control (X, Y and Z axes) sets the maximum spot position at any focal length.
The focal length can be set within a 42-mm range without attenuating the flatness of the marking area.

Variable spot size

Varying the spot size of the laser is helpful when trying to enhance the contrast of characters on specific materials, or engrave more deeply into the target surface.
Typical defocus techniques may cause varying character size and position, while the MD-V can provide uniform quality of characters.

Traditional model

Traditional model



Variable distance pointer (Patent pending)

Two types of red guide beams show the optimum marking distance on a workpiece. Different from traditional pointers, the focal point can be focused based on the pointer's position without changing the laser head or workpiece height.

Traditional laser marker

There is only one focal point. The height of the head or that of the marking area should be adjusted according to the workpiece.

MD-V9900A Series

MD-V9900A Series

The focal point can be adjusted without changing the height of the laser head or that of the workpiece if the marking area is within the focal length (within ±21 mm).

3-Axis marking [World's first]

3-Axis marking

The MD-V9900A Series features 3-Axis control to modify the laser position according to the shape of a target, which can include steps, inclined surfaces, cylinders or circular cones.
The MD-V9900A Series minimizes distorted, worn or chipped characters while enabling uniform marking on three dimensional surfaces that are considered untouchable by conventional markers.

Characters remain the same size

Same size and same colour strength on upper and lower steps

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