Marqueur laser YVO4 à 3 axes

Série MD-V9900A

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Wide Marking Area

300 x 300-mm Marking Area without a Reduction in Accuracy.

300 x 300-mm wide area [Largest in its class]

High accuracy 300 × 300 mm

Marking in a large area often requires moving a target workpiece using an X-Y stage, or switching the lens on a conventional laser to create a wide marking area.
Using an X-Y stage increases integration costs and time, and also decreases product throughput. A wide area lens can help these problems, however characters are often displaced or blurred at the edge of the marking area.
The MD-V9900A Series utilizes a special lens system along with its unique 3-axis control to create a highly accurate 300 x 300-mm wide marking area, eliminating the need for mechanical adjustment while maintaining character integrity.

The KEYENCE advantage when marking over a wide area:

Problems associated with the properties of the Fθ lens of conventional systems have been eliminated, so characters stay clear and crisp over the entire marking area.

Traditional model

Traditional model

Area distortion due to lens characteristics



Area in which deformation and distortion are corrected

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