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          Marqueur laser à fibre optique à 3 axes

          Série MD-F

          3-Axis Control

          Z-AXIS SCANNER

          "3-Axis Technology" was first developed by KEYENCE and installed in their marking systems in 2006. This unique technology makes it possible to program complex shapes and saves countless engineering hours during integration. These innovations are indispensable and allow for reliable consistency on every mark.

          Eliminating tooling changes with 3-Axis programming

          With 3-Axis technology it is possible to eliminate tooling changes by programming in various focal distances and target shapes. Instead of changing the machine tooling, simply change the program.

          The MD-F Series can flexibly support multiple product types being marked on the same production line.


          High precision marking can be performed over a 300 mm × 300 mm 11.81" × 11.81" area. The MD-F Series also has a 42 mm 1.65" variable focal distance, which allows for unparalleled accuracy. 3-Axis control eliminates changes in character shape, distortion, and beam spot size variations, all of which are caused by the characteristics of conventional fθ lenses. Even at the edges of the area, perfectly focused marking is possible.


          Thin lines become thicker and spaced closer as the laser scans closer to the edge.


          Lines and spacing are marked with high precision and repeatability in the entire area.


          Lens distortion is caused by using a single, fixed mounted lens.


          Distortions and changes in shape have been eliminated.

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