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Setup Software - AUTO ID Navigator

Easy,Menu-driven Setup Software

AUTO ID Navigator image

A FREE copy of AUTO ID Navigator, the optional, easy, menu-driven setup software is available for use with all BL and SR products.Settings are changed by simply clicking on the desired item. No serial commands are required.
*Downloadable @ keyence.com for CD copy, request BL-H60WE, SR-H50WE along with your order.

Operation setting

[1]Operation setting screen

The standard Windows® -style interface makes setting up the bar code reader's operating parameters easier than ever.

Bar code preset screen

[2]Bar code preset screen

Included with the software are preset values for 8 common types of bar codes. Detailed settings let you adjust the parameters to suit your application.

Readout data monitor

[3]Readout data monitor screen

When in test mode, the BL, SR Series performance rate (% of maximum) and reading frequency (scans per second) are clearly displayed, using the built-in monitor screen.

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