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          Newsletter 2014

          January 14, 2014

          Subject :

          An Introduction to Our New Collection of Laser Marker Applications in automation industries.

          A New Proposal for Laser Marker Applications for Customers in the Automotive Industry
          New Collection of Laser Marker Applications - Automotive Industry Edition
          The KEYENCE laser marker has been widely adopted in the automotive industry. Do you know how it is used on production lines? We have produced a new application collection that includes everything from information on the combination of a laser marker with a displacement sensor to a guide on managing code marking quality involving the use of a laser marker with a 2D code reader.
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          "Increase the Utilization of Your Current Microscope!" An Introduction to a Collection of Examples
          We are introducing you to a "collection of microscope/digital microscope usage examples" in which a "digital microscope" is connected to and used with various commonly owned microscopes.
          ○ While microscopes that are viewed with the naked eye offer high resolution and allow for special observation...
          ↓ ↓
          There are cases in which we have heard points of dissatisfaction that include
          ● "An inability to focus"
          ● "A narrow field of view"
          ● "A lack of measurement functions"

          If the microscope that you use has a "C mount" then it is possible to connect the digital microscope.
          This allows you to keep the image quality of a conventional microscope while eliminating any points of dissatisfaction.
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          High Performance Distance-Based Laser Sensor
          This sensor is capable of fine point and long-range detection while being unaffected by target color or finish.
          The GV Digital CMOS Laser Sensor offers a solution to difficult applications where target characteristics exceed the capabilities of conventional sensors. Regardless of surface finish or type, the GV's distance-based sensing technology is able to stably detect targets. In addition, innovative advanced features allow the GV to be fine-tuned for even the most difficult applications.
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          How do you measure small parts without contact?
          Measurement Technology Guide
          We would like to introduce you to a measurement device that can accurately measure electronic components and other small parts without contact. We will also provide you with a clear introduction to the principles behind this device.
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          The "SJ Series" is a powerful static eliminator that pursues high static elimination speed, minimal air flow, and low maintenance
          The SJ Series has achieved high maintainability by incorporating an I.C.C. system that automatically controls the ion balance with high accuracy while also utilizing limited air flow to eliminate running costs and pursuing an optimal air guide structure.
          We have prepared a bar-type, blower-type, and spot-type static eliminator to meet your goals.
          We have experience with real applications in which we have dealt with all types of static elimination needs in various worksites, so feel free to contact KEYENCE if you are having any problematic issues with static electricity.
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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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