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          Newsletter 2014

          February 11, 2014

          Subject :

          Become an Expert in 2D Code Reader Systems.

          2D Code Reader Technical Guidebook
          Become an Expert in Understanding 2D Code Reader Systems.
          This guidebook answers many questions that may arise when introducing 2D code system such as; What is the most desirable data format? What are the best types of 2D codes to use? How can the code's footprint be reduced? Download the guide below in order to increase effectiveness or implement completely new traceability systems.
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          Pushing the Limits of 1D Laser Displacement Technology
          1D Laser Displacement Sensor Technology Speeds Up Again!
          1D laser displacement sensors can now do more than ever with its ultra-fast speeds, sub-micron accuracies, and easy multi-head integration:
          • Fastest in the World: 392kHz
          • Highest Accuracy in its Class: ±0.02%
          • Highest Repeatability in its Class: 0.005μm
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          Do You Have a Challenging Color Detection Application?
          Discover Our RGB Digital Color, Luster & UV Sensors!
          The CZ-V Series offers a variety of sensor heads to choose from and the ability to detect color, luster, and UV. With three different sensing modes and options such as an adjustable beam spot and luster cancellation, this series is sure to meet your application needs!

          Download our free brochure today to learn how the CZ-V Series can benefit you!
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          Basic Information on a "High Speed Camera" that Checks Defective Processes
          Being that it is not possible to rely only on the senses and experiences of experts, this guide
          contains basic information on a high-speed camera that [can observe the "appearance" of defects
          as they occur], which is an issue that has been attracting attention.

          Have a look at the reasons why a high-speed camera can be used, including...
          ・Survey results and feedback from high-speed camera users
          ・Examples in which optimal manufacturing conditions were found as the price of raw materials continues to increase.
          ・Examples in which the yield was improved after clarifying whether press defect problems are from the equipment or steel plates.
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          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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