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          Newsletter 2014

          February 25, 2014

          Subject :

          Three Different Models with the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System

          Just Place and Press for Precise Dimensional Measurement of Pressed Parts, Springs, Screws, and Other Materials!
          Choose from Three Different Models with the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System
          The IM Series has been prepared with a lineup of three different models to match different target work pieces. With the IM Series, in addition to pressed parts, springs, screws, and other complicated shapes, it is also possible to perform precise measurement of various targets with a simple, "place and press" operation.
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          A New Laser Marker Applications Proposal for Customers in the Electronics Industry!
          New Collection of Laser Marker Applications - Electronics Industry Edition
          The KEYENCE laser marker has been widely adopted in the electronic components industry. We have created a collection of new application examples specifically for this industry.

          Our collection includes many laser marker applications, such as:
          ●Micro 2D code marking
          ●High-accuracy surface machining
          ●Collaboration with an image sensor

          Feel free to reference our examples of the successful introduction of laser markers that in addition to marking and the above mentioned applications, have even come to be used in processing applications.
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          Instantly understand the perplexing phenomenon of static electricity. These technical materials have been packed with information on the mechanism of static electricity—something that cannot be seen with the naked eye—as well as countermeasures for static elimination.
          From the principles behind static electricity to charging mechanisms, characteristics, and countermeasures, with this guide, you'll be able to master the basics of static electricity in no time.
          At KEYENCE, we have prepared a bar-type, blower-type, and spot-type static eliminator to meet your applications needs,
          Feel free to contact KEYENCE if you are having any problematic issues with static electricity.
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          Are Light Curtain Nuisance Trips Stopping Your Production?
          Nuisance Trips are most frequently caused by light curtains not being properly aligned. The GL-R Series has all but eliminated this issue by providing increased power and an innovative rigid frame to make alignment both quicker and easier than ever before.
          Aside from facilitating easier alignment, these features also provide several other benefits that add to the GL-R Series' Strong, Smart, and Simple design. The increased power allows the GL-R Safety Light Curtains to easily blast through various forms of build up; while the rigid frame eliminates the need for additional guarding by providing a durable, impact resistant housing.
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          Measurement in as Little as Four Seconds! An Introduction to "3D Profile Measurement Device" Examples in Which "Area" Is Used to Perform Measurement Instead of "Points" and "Lines"
          With "area" measurement, it is possible to acquire data for the entire target, including "waviness" and "curvature" measurements, which could not be understood with measurement that utilized "lines" and "points"!
          There are many problems with curvature evaluation methods that use an indirect process, such as measuring various pieces of local data and using this to determine and imagine the entire image.
          To gain an understanding of a full image with irregular shape changes occurring on curved surfaces, it is essential to understand the waviness and curvature of arbitrary areas as well as multiple areas.
          Feel free to have a look at our examples of a "3D profile measurement device" that uses "area" to perform measurement.
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          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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