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Newsletter 2014

March 25, 2014

Subject :

Release of the new CV-X200 Series

[New Product] Notice on the Release of the CV-X200 Series
Supports Connection with 21 Megapixel Cameras and a New Preprocessing Filter Has Been Added
The easy-to-use CVX supports the industry's only 21 megapixel camera.
Furthermore, a new preprocessing filter has been added to strengthen its ability to respond to advanced surface inspection.
Feel free to have a look.
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Do You Have A Difficult Sensing Application?
The LR-T series is unaffected by target surface, color or shape, making it the ultimate choice for detection stability.
Long range capability coupled with superior detection ability and advanced operating features make the Keyence LR-T the most versatile all-purpose laser sensor available. Sensor setup and operation has never been faster with the easy to read OLED display, highly visible indicator light, and simplified menus.
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Resolve All the Problems of a Reflective Type Sensor!
The IV Series Vision Sensor, which views areas in planes, achieves settings that offer ultimate ease as well as stable detection, making it possible to resolve all the dissatisfactions that come with a reflective type sensor.
With the IV Series, which views areas in planes, it is possible to resolve all the problems that often occur with a reflective type sensor, such as...
・Instability from positional misalignment
・Instability from not being able to determine work piece orientation
・The inability to simultaneously differentiate multiple areas
・Time and effort spent on adjusting sensors after a change in equipment
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Deepen Your Laser Knowledge! -LASER TECH BRIEFS-
An Introduction to Laser Information from Fundamentals to Applications
There are various types of laser markers. These include laser markers with visible/invisible laser beams, those that react with metal, and those that react with plastics. Why is the beam visible? Why is plastic colored with a laser beam? We will provide you with technical explanations that answer these questions.
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An Introduction to Cutting-edge Measurement Applications in Research and Development
You can learn about the greater efficiency resulting from the use of a non-contact displacement gauge as well as the latest measurement know-how.
We will introduce you to cutting-edge research and development measurement applications organized by industry. This guide serves as an introduction to applications that produce greater efficiency than that of current measurements through the use of a non-contact displacement gauge. We have also included know-how on measurement methods.
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