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          Newsletter 2014

          June 30, 2014

          Subject :

          Do you have the difficulties with code readers?

          Do You Have The Difficulties With Code Reading?
          We help you to achieve a stable reading with the advantages of SR-750 series.
          New video release! What Is the Traceability System in Practical Use in the Automotive Industry?
          Traceability Solutions for the Automotive Industry
          A video that show how laser markers and code readers are used in the automotive industry!
          At KEYENCE, we are offering a total solution system that handles everything from marking with a laser marker to reading with a code reader.
          We have produced a new leaflet that includes the following contents:
          ●Examples of 2D code marking with a laser marker
          ●Examples of reading with a 2D code reader
          ●The advantages of using KEYENCE products/solutions.
          Have a look at these easy and worry-free traceability solutions.
          A 5 Minute Job in 5 Seconds. The Reason Behind This Is...
          The Image Dimension Measurement System Q&A: All About the IM Series
          How is the "place and press" IM Series image dimension measurement system different from conventional measurement devices? This brochure uses images to explain answers to questions from our customers.
          "10 Reasons Why Microscope Users Changed to a Digital Microscope"
          An Introduction for 10 Digital Microscope-Exclusive Benefits that Cannot Be Achieved with Conventional Optical Microscopes
          We have compiled/collected "10 benefit points" from advanced technicians who changed to a digital microscope.
          Have a look at our "10 Points" for innovative microscope observation, which have caught the attention of technicians in various industries.
          A Compilation of Tips and Tricks for Improvement Organized by Process
          New collection of "process improvement" for 3 industries!
          Our guides introduce you to applications for individual processes. These materials are filled with tips and tricks on process improvement.
          A Vast Selection of Fiber optic Heads with a High-Function Amplifier!
          The FU Series delivers advanced features, mega-power, and hundreds of available fiber heads including heavy-duty and specialty types.
          The KEYENCE FU Fiber optic Sensor Series offers unmatched versatility with its wide variety of available fiber heads including focused beam, wide-area, long-range, and even clear target detection types. Mounting challenges are met with unique and innovative designs like threaded hex heads, cylindrical heads, and even heads with integrated brackets. Guarded, chemical resistant, heat resistant, and high-flex fiber heads provide reliable performance even in harsh environments.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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