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          Newsletter 2014

          July 14, 2014

          Subject :

          Easily Achieve Dimensional Inspection Just by Clicking

          Easily Achieve Dimensional Inspection Just by Clicking
          An Introduction to Our Latest Image Processing Sensor that Makes Dimensional Inspection Extremely Easy
          Until now, the mention of dimensional inspection via image processing conjured up visions is of extreme difficulty: extracting many areas, using many different numerical operations...

          However, there is an image processing sensor that can handle cumbersome settings like these by just clicking on them.
          We have numerous customer references, on how easy and quick our image processing sensor is.
          Feel free to have a look at what they had to say.
          Introducing the Large Measuring Head for the LS-9000 Series
          It Is Now Possible to Measure an Outer Diameter of Up to ø120 mm.
          Starting from a structure, with no moving parts, the design focused on environmental resistance for long-lasting, on-site stability. We have added the greatly anticipated large measuring head to our popular LS-9000 Series. It is now possible to perform stable measurement for objects of up to ø120 mm in diameter.
          Introducing the New Pencil Head for the GT2 Series!
          Environmental resistance: NEMA Type 13/IP67G
          Detecting durability: Supports 100 million cycles

          The GT2 series is equipped with an ø8 mm ø0.31" slim sensor head as well as tough specifications.
          We have also added a new multi-sensor amplifier that enables the connection of up to five heads with one amplifier.
          This also makes it possible to support multi-point applications.
          Easier than a Projector! More Accurate than a Measuring Microscope!
          Just place and press to automatically measure 99 Dimensions all at once! Select from 3 different models according to your intended application.
          From a wide-field model that has a maximum measurement field of 200 mm to a high-precision model that has a high-accuracy of +/-0.5 μm.
          By just placing the target within the measurement field, it is possible to perform measurements in a manner of seconds.
          We have published our lineup along with our full scale measurement ranges. Would you like to see if your workpiece can be measured?
          Need a Durable and Dependable Photoeye?
          The LR-Z features a robust stainless steel housing, simplified operation, and best in class detection capabilities.
          The LR-Z offers a distance-based detection method that is unaffected by color, target surface, or angle. Its heavy-duty stainless steel body is designed to withstand harsh environments, incidental impact, and exposure to liquids. Highly visible output indicator and digital display make calibration and troubleshooting simple and fast.
          An Introduction to a Collection of the Latest Examples for Our "Profile Measurement Laser Microscope", Including Surface Roughness, Film thickness Measurement, and Abrasion Analysis
          We Have Also Included Examples Such As Tribological Analysis and Comparative Analysis.
          We have compiled a collection of the latest examples for our "profile measurement laser microscope" that can measure roughness and microscopic shapes to resolve various measurement and analysis themes, such as...

          ・The desire to analyze if microscopic processed goods are defective or non-defective
          ・The desire to measure the film thickness of transparent objects
          ・The desire to quantify luster, texture, abrasion, etc
          Feel free to use this guide as reference.
          Comprehensive Study Tools are Now Available for Free Download at the Measurement Library!
          How do you choose right measurement sensors for your system?
          Learn the latest measurement applications used in a wide range of industries and expert advice to improve your inspection systems.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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