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          Newsletter 2014

          July 28, 2014

          Subject :

          A microscope that eliminates the need for focus adjustment?! | We Have Renewed Our Process Improvement Application Collection for 3 Industries

          A microscope that eliminates the need for focus adjustment?! Everyone is talking about our new digital microscope! Example of Observation materials organized by industry is now available.
          Have a look at examples in which advanced functions are quickly accessed and fully utilized in our "collection of observation examples organized by industry."
          Until now, focus adjustment was a commonplace operation in microscope observation.
          Our latest product, the VHX-5000 is a groundbreaking new product that has been equipped with the real-time depth composition function that focuses images in an instant when you capture the area that you wish to view.
          - Reduces time
          - Eradicates errors
          - Eliminates individual differences
          Have a look at new observation methods that no one could have imagined in our "collection of observation examples organized by industry."
          A Compilation of Tips and Tricks for Improving Various Processes
          We Have Renewed Our Process Improvement Application Collection for 3 Industries
          Our guides introduce you to applications for different processes. These materials contains tips and tricks on process improvement. This time, we will be covering the FPD/glass industry, resin/plastics industry, and film industry. We believe that it is possible to learn something from these industries. Feel free to use these materials for your reference.
          Learn About Marking Metal with a Laser Marker
          For the first time, we are releasing a technical guide that will help you to understand why a laser marker is best for marking on metal!
          Because they perform non-contact marking, our laser markers produce high-quality marking and also have low running costs. When it comes to marking on metal, our laser markers are becoming the devices of choice. This document introduces laser marker knowhow with a focus on metal marking. It also includes points on model selection and examples of marking.
          Poka-Yoke Methods: A Guide to the Vision Sensor
          The IV series vision sensor is simple to set up and provides stable detection of part presence, orientation, and shape in order to prevent mistakes.
          We have introduced a low cost Vision Sensor that can even be operated with ease by every user.
          With a particularly large number of good results in the automotive industry, food industry, and the electronics industry, this guide is a must-see for those who have had trouble in the same industry.
          Rugged Safety Light Curtains
          Thick Housing, Recessed Detection Surface, and IP67 Enclosure Make the GL-R One of the Most Durable Safety Light Curtains Available.
          The GL-R Series safety light curtains are designed to withstand environments that often result in failure of conventional safety light curtains. With a 3 mm thick housing and recessed face, the GL-R resists damage due to impact to the body and detection surface, while the IP67 enclosure rating protects it from wet, wash-down type environments, resulting in one of the most durable safety light curtains available.
          Shall we solve both productivity and quality in traceability?
          We can help you perform marking and reading 2D codes stably in a variety of applications.
          The catalogue is full with a lot of contents.

          -Verification of Marking quality.
          -Management of numbers for electronic components or PCBs
          -Work instructions when changing equipment
          -Tracing the history in inspection processes
          Amazing Resolution with the Image Dimension Measurement System! A Collection of Measurement Examples
          Leave dimensional checks of drawings to this device.
          We will introduce you to various measurement examples utilizing the image dimension measurement system, including the measurement of shafts, stamped parts, and electronic components. It is possible to easily achieve a wide variety of measurements, from measurements that use virtual lines to the measurement of profile and geometric tolerance.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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