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          Newsletter 2014

          November 10, 2014

          Subject :

          Automatic Comparison of Multiple Samples! A Laser Microscope That Makes Surface Differences Clear

          [New Product] Automatic Comparison of Multiple Samples! A Laser Microscope That Makes Surface Differences Clear
          A new product is now available in the VK Series, which makes highly accurate measurements and high-magnification observations possible. Batch comparisons and automatic roughness comparisons of multiple samples quantify the intuitive differences between samples.
          Improve Your Productivity! Collection of Actual Examples of Installation Results (In-Process Inspections Edition) with Image Dimension Measurement Systems
          Why does reviewing inspection processes lead to an improvement in productivity? Using basic examples, this document introduces the results of installing the IM Series, which can perform dimensional measurements of up to 99 points in just seconds with easy operations. We hope that individuals working in quality assurance departments and production departments will download this document.
          Use Explanatory Diagrams to Learn about Measurement Techniques Using Non-contact Displacement Measuring Instruments!
          • Types of non-contact displacement sensors
          • Measurement principles
          • Measurement techniques, etc.

          These texts are useful for both beginners and experts. Download all five documents at the same time.
          What Is the Traceability That Is Put to Use by the Automotive Industry, Which Is Famous for Quality Assurance?
          In the automotive industry, traceability systems have been constructed for individual parts. KEYENCE provides total systems that can easily implement traceability by covering all the steps from marking with laser markers to reading with code readers. We hope that you will take a look at the latest examples of these systems.
          Countless Difficult Sensor Applications Now Solved!
          Capable of Fine Point and Long-Range Detection While Being Unaffected by Target Color or Finish.

          The GV Digital CMOS Laser Sensor offers a solution to difficult applications where target characteristics exceed the capabilities of conventional sensors. Regardless of surface finish or type, the GV's distance-based sensing technology is able to stably detect targets. In addition, innovative advanced features allow the GV to be fine-tuned even for the most difficult applications.
          Increased Quality! Actual Examples of Inspections Using Vision Sensors That Improve Results in the Transportation Industry
          Have you ever thought that you have no choice but to rely on visual inspections in the transportation industry ? Due to a wide variety of colors inspections on part from metal to electrical components were difficult? This document will introduce actual examples in which vision sensors are used to automate fool-proofing and inspections.
          New Contents Now Available! You can use these documents to correctly select non-contact displacement meters.
          What are the optimal methods to use when performing a variety of measurements such as positioning as well as outer diameter, step, and shape measurements?
          This website explains the optimal methods to use when performing various measurements.

          Isn't there a more efficient way to perform non-contact measurements?
          What is KEYENCE's history when it comes to measurement methods?

          For answers to these questions and more, visit this website.

          Thickness, Width   Height, Step Difference
          Inner, Outer Diameter   Vibration, Eccentricity
          Positioning, Position Control   Warpage, Bow, Flatness
          Profile   Gap, Clearance

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