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Newsletter 2015

February 16, 2015

Subject :

A must-see for developers! Three pieces of observation advice for evaluating new materials and construction methods.

A Must-see for Developers! Three Pieces of Observation Advice for Evaluating New Materials and Construction Methods.
Are you repeatedly making prototypes and performing evaluations in order to reduce product costs and increase product performance? We'll introduce some tricks for using a digital microscope to perform efficient evaluations.
We'll use observation images to introduce observation techniques, methods to quantify judgment indices, and other similar information. Read this information to learn some key points about evaluations and the way to perform evaluations so that both the number of times that prototyping is performed and the development period are reduced.
Our IM-Series Instant Measurement System Leads to Shortened Time Requirements!
This collection of actual examples of installation results can help with shortening the time spent performing incoming inspections leads to improve yield.
The Marking Library, a Place to Acquire Laser Marking and Processing Knowledge and Techniques, Is Now Open
22 different texts containing information such as basic knowledge regarding lasers, laser marker applications in a variety of industries, and selection methods of laser markers are now available for download free of charge.

Application by Industry
Laser Marker Technical Guide
Q & A about Laser Marker
Measurement Techniques of Experts Who Use 2D Displacement Meters, Second Edition
This text is designed to help you improve your skill at performing measurements such as height, height difference, and profile measurements. This text can be used to perform in-depth studies of measurement positions and methods by way of its 10 application examples such as the detection of connector pin defects and the measurement of gaps between copy rollers.
New All-Purpose Laser Sensor! Versatile, Durable, and Powerful!
Powerful time of flight technology ensures superior detection stability regardless of target surface, color, or shape. Difficult applications now made easy with the LR-T's adaptable and innovative features.
Collection of Error-Proofing Applications Made Possible with Vision Sensors
On the basis of four actual examples such as mixing of different models and assembly errors, this document explains how to perform error-proofing in an easy and accurate manner with KEYENCE vision sensors.

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