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          Newsletter 2015

          May 18, 2015

          Subject :

          Explanation of the Mechanisms of Static Electricity with Illustrations

          "Master of Static." Explaining the Mechanisms of Static Electricity with Illustrations
          These popular documents can be used to learn about a variety of topics such as the characteristics and principles of static electricity, the mechanism of charging, measuring methods, and countermeasures in a short time.
          Presenting the Image Processing Textbook "Image Processing - Image Filters: Part 2-"
          Presenting the third volume of our "Image Processing" series that enables you to easily understand the operating principle behind image processing as well as tricks and tips on the use of image processing. This time, with "Image Filters: Part 2", we will introduce you to KEYENCE image filter tools that demonstrate their overwhelming effectiveness in visual inspection.
          KEYENCE machine vision systems are used by many customers throughout the world for visual inspection applications including the inspection of product flaws and detecting the mixing of foreign matter.
          Strong image filtering is one reason for this. We have created a compilation of secrets that will allow you to use KEYENCE original image filters to perform stabilized visual inspection even in cases when there are patterns in the background or when there is uneven lighting.
          A Laser Glossary That Explains Everything from Basic to Specialized Terms
          What are lasers, wavelengths, and pulse oscillation? This glossary gives concise explanations of specialized terms that you need to understand when handling lasers.
          New Standard of Fiberoptic Sensors
          The NEO Series of fiberoptic sensors are both easy-to-use and versatile. Whether it is a dirty/harsh environment or an application requiring a high degree of sensitivity, the FS-NEO is easily integrated in almost any application.
          For Beginners
          Ways to Select the Latest and the Optimal Measuring Instruments For Shiny Workpieces
          Inspection methods vary depending on the size, shape, and surface condition of the target to be measured. This guide can be used to learn how to select the optimal measuring instruments for measuring and inspecting shiny workpieces!
          Image Dimension Measuring System Speeds Up and Simplifies Complex Inspections
          With the IM Series, you just have to place the target and press the button to perform dimension measurements. Can the IM Series perform measurements using GD&T and virtual lines? Can the IM Series measure multiple targets at the same time? This document is a must-see for anyone who wants to improve their inspection accuracy and speed.
          An Introductory Document for Learning about Typical Defects with Resin Molded Parts and the Corresponding Countermeasures
          This document includes actual examples to introduce typical defects with molded parts (such as weld lines, sink marks, and burrs), corresponding countermeasures, and the latest quantification methods using 3D analysis.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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