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          Newsletter 2016

          May 23, 2016

          Subject :

          An Introductory Text for Surface Roughness Measurements

          An Introductory Text for Surface Roughness Measurements [ISO 25178 Edition]
          "The product's surface is brighter than expected..."
          "The tactile sensation is not the same as for the previously manufactured pieces..."
          Similar issues can be solved by controlling the surface roughness of your products.
          Please download our white paper if you would like to understand the mechanics and different parameters of surface roughness.
          An Illustrated Guide to Digital Microscope Technology
          We have updated this popular text that was downloaded in great numbers. It contains over 30 pages of illustrations and explanations of topics such as optical mechanisms of lenses, lighting techniques, and the latest digital observation technology.
          KAIZEN with Code Readers
          SR-1000 Series Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Readers save you time and money.
          See actual examples that introduce the ways the SR-1000 Series is used in the automotive, electronics, food, and packing industries. You can also learn about useful functions such as its polarizing filter, autofocus, and code verification.
          Expert Vision System Techniques Vol. 2
          ·How can you eliminate the influence of background characters to detect improper labeling?
          ·How can you inspect the entire surface of cylindrical targets with one camera?

          This guide introduces advanced machine vision and illumination techniques as well as the concepts behind these techniques.
          High Performance Distance-Based Sensor
          The GV Series offers industry leading detection stability. It is unaffected by color, surface type, or finish.
          Reasons Why 2D Measurements Are Stable
          This document provides examples of measurement problems such as outer diameter, gap, and height difference being solved with 2D measurements. It also provides technical explanations of the solutions behind these examples.
          We hope this document will help you improve your measurement accuracy and tact time and reduce your costs.
          A Vision Sensor That Can Be Used without Reading the Manual
          This sensor can be configured extremely easily in just three steps. This next-generation, general-purpose sensor can detect details such as the presence, color, shape, and direction of multiple points with a single sensor.
          Laser Technology Introductory Guide
          What are lasers? This technical guide can be used to learn the basics about lasers. It contains a wide variety of information such as oscillation principles, the characteristics of different wavelengths, and differences between oscillation methods.
          Dimensional Measurement Improvement Examples [Automotive and Smartphone Components]
          High quality is required for automotive and smartphone components. These guides introduce you the secrets to improving the accuracy and speed of dimensional measurements of such components.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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