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          Newsletter 2016

          September 20, 2016

          Subject :

          New Ultra-compact Head Added to the GT2 Series of Tough Contact Sensors

          [New Product] New Ultra-compact Head Added to the GT2 Series of Tough Contact Sensors
          This sensor is resistant to water and oil and has a detecting durability of 200 million cycles or more. The addition of a compact 39-mm head and dedicated PC software to the GT2 Series mean these sensors can be used in more environments and with more devices. Please check out the entire lineup.
          A Must-see for Developers! Three Pieces of Observation Advice for Evaluating New Materials and Construction Methods
          Are you repeatedly making prototypes and performing evaluations in order to reduce product costs and increase product performance? We'll introduce some tricks for using a digital microscope to perform efficient evaluations.
          We'll use observation images to introduce observation techniques, methods to quantify judgment indices, and other similar information. Read this information to learn some key points about evaluations and the way to perform evaluations so that both the number of times that prototyping is performed and the development period are reduced.
          Examples of Measurement Time Reductions with Our Image Dimension Measurement System
          The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System performs instantaneous dimension measurements of up to 99 locations with easy operation. This document introduces the key points leading to reduced measurement time for each measurement target.
          Image Processing Academy
          The best method for extracting colors when using a color camera

          ·Differences between the four color extraction methods
          ·What is color to gray processing?
          How to Avoid Flow Meter Trouble
          Use the diagrams in this guide to learn common problems and their countermeasures for each operating principle, such as the electromagnetic and diaphragm methods.
          KEYENCE's Latest Lineup of In-line Thrubeam Optical Micrometers
          This catalog will teach you about the characteristics and applications of KEYENCE's proprietary optical system, which uses LEDs and can maintain high speed and accuracy over long periods of use.
          The Ability to Even Read 2D Codes Covered in Oil at High Speed
          KEYENCE code readers can stably read codes on products covered in cutting oil or flux.
          A Laser Microscope Beginner's Guide for Learning about the Latest Shape Measurements
          Laser microscopes can perform ultra-precise evaluations of shapes that are micrometers or smaller in size.
          Use this guide to learn about the structure and principles of laser microscopes with helpful illustrations.
          Laser Marker with a Built-in Camera!
          Amazing Technique Examples Combining Marking and Imaging!
          Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices, such as marking and reading or marking with character inspection, is now possible with a single laser marker.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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