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          Newsletter 2017

          February 23, 2017

          Subject :

          The World's First Safety Laser Scanner That Makes the Detection Status Visible

          [New Product] The World's First Safety Laser Scanner That Makes the Detection Status Visible
          This LCD monitor can be used to visualize the protection zone and the detection status. The LCD monitor can also be separated from the main unit to allow monitoring from a remote location.
          [New Product] A Handheld DPM Code Reader That Improves Productivity
          The SR-G100's easy configuration and operation let anyone perform high-speed, stable reading. If you want to improve your code reading speed, please take a look at the catalog.
          [New Product] Detect ANY Change in Appearance!
          The NEW Full-Spectrum LR-W Series solves the widest range of applications you have ever seen. Solve presence/absence applications, differentiate products with slight variations, detect registration marks, and verify color.
          [New Product] New Ultra-compact Head Added to the GT2 Series of Tough Contact Sensors
          This sensor is resistant to water and oil and has a detecting durability of 200 million cycles or more. The addition of a compact 39-mm head and dedicated PC software to the GT2 Series mean these sensors can be used in more environments and with more devices. Please check out the entire lineup.
          [New Product] A Vision System That Does Not Require to Select the Lighting
          This vision system lets anyone perform advanced inspections easily.
          With the CV-X400 Series, anyone can create optimal images in three easy steps.
          [New Product] An Image Processing System That Reduces Takt Time
          The fastest controller and camera in the industry combine to make advanced inspections and high-speed processing possible.

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