Newsletter 2017

May 01, 2017

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Safety Device with Advanced Functionality

Safety Device with Advanced Functionality
Programmable muting, auxiliary outputs, and built-in alignment indicators are standard on the GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain. Dedicated Safety Relay with plug & play cables also available.
100 Image Processing Tricks Learned from Actual Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition vol. 1]
·Canceling diffuse reflections/uneven lighting
·Canceling differences between workpieces

Check out this guide to learn about these and other tricks. It contains information on the types and uses of "image enhancement filters," which are vital to perform stable inspections.
Barcode/2D Code Reader General Catalog
This catalog contains information on all of our barcode products including fixed and handheld types and camera and laser types. It also contains the latest applications in part and product management.
An Optical Comparator That Gives the Same Results Regardless of the User?
The measurement results of the IM Series are not only independent of the user, but the measurement time is just 3 seconds. And measurement results are tallied automatically and height measurement can be performed as well. Check out the catalog to learn about these benefits of the IM series.
Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
How do you perform step measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Download this guide if you are having difficulty with these measurements using contact sensors, 1D laser displacement sensors, or measuring microscopes.
Application Examples with Our Affordable Vision Sensor
This guide is full of information to help you improve processes at your company. Download it to learn about the types of actual detections that our vision sensor is used for.
An Illustrated Guide to Digital Microscope Technology
We have updated this popular text that was downloaded in great numbers. It contains over 30 pages of illustrations and explanations of topics such as optical mechanisms of lenses, lighting techniques, and the latest digital observation technology.
Learning about Resin Marking and Processing Using Lasers
·The principles of contrast marking
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials

You can use this text to obtain specialized laser marking knowledge such as the topics listed above.
A Laser Microscope Beginner's Guide for Learning about the Latest Shape Measurements
Laser microscopes can perform ultra-precise evaluations of shapes that are micrometers or smaller in size.
Use this guide to learn about the structure and principles of laser microscopes with helpful illustrations.

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