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          Newsletter 2017

          June 26, 2017

          Subject :

          KEYENCE's New Code Reader: The SR-2000

          [NEW!] KEYENCE's New Code Reader:
          The SR-2000
          Our accumulated know-how and advanced technology have been used to provide this code reader with capabilities that are at least twice those of conventional code readers in terms of field of view, reading distance and depth of field.
          Automate Visual Inspections Easily and at Low Cost
          The lighting and the lens are built into the Vision Sensor IV Series. This reduces costs and eliminates the need for troublesome selections. The easy operation, which enables anyone to complete setup in just 1 minute, is also receiving rave reviews.
          [NEW!] Digital Microscope VHX-6000
          The VHX-6000 is now able to perform contamination measurements that support the ISO 16232 standard. The high-resolution images it captures make highly accurate measurements possible.
          A Textbook for Marking and Processing Metal with Lasers
          ·Principles of metal marking and processing
          ·Laser absorption rates for different materials

          Check out this document to learn specialized laser marking knowledge focused on marking and processing of metal.
          Measurement Methods for Reporting Shape Defects (Resin/Pressed Parts)
          What are the key points that you should focus on when evaluating shapes? What are the tricks behind creating easy-to-understand reports?
          This popular guide can teach you about the evaluation of resin and pressed parts, the characteristics of different materials and the measurement methods used.
          How to Avoid Flow Meter Trouble
          Use the diagrams in this guide to learn common problems and their countermeasures for each operating principle, such as the electromagnetic and diaphragm methods.
          Image Processing Useful Tips Vol. 2 Lenses
          Image processing is essential in product defect inspections. Use this guide to learn about lenses, which are the key aspect of inspections.

          ·Depth of field
          ·Lens resolution
          ·Distortion, etc.
          [NEW!] Instant Measurement Even of Large Targets
          The IM-7000 boasts four times the measurement volume of our conventional optical comparators. See the catalog for details how the improved functions of the Image Dimension Measurement System IM-7000 can help at your worksite.
          5 Reasons to Switch from Hand Calipers and Micrometers
          This guide clearly describes the advantages that lead to automation, improved cycle time, and improved quality. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to implement 100% inspections and in-line inspections.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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