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          Newsletter 2017

          August 08, 2017

          Subject :

          Use these Explanatory Diagrams to Learn about Measurement Techniques Using Non-contact Measuring Instruments!

          Use these Explanatory Diagrams to Learn about Measurement Techniques Using Non-contact Measuring Instruments!
          ·Types of non-contact displacement sensors
          ·Measurement principles
          ·Measurement techniques, etc.

          These texts are useful for both beginners and experts. Download all five documents at the same time.
          Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Compilation
          ·How do you perform inspections uninfluenced by the background?
          ·How do you stabilize inspections when there are large light intensity fluctuations?

          This series of guides introduces the know-how of image processing for professionals. Get all the six guides in one convenient download.
          KAIZEN with Code Readers
          SR-1000 Series Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Readers save you time and money.
          See actual examples that introduce the ways the SR-1000 Series is used in the automotive, electronics, food, and packing industries. You can also learn about its useful functions such as polarization, autofocus, and code verification.
          [NEW] A New Standard for Safety Laser Scanner
          1. Detachable Display Unit
          Confirmation and operation from an easy-to-see location
          2. Two Built-In Cameras
          Real Time video to see detection status
          3. Supports PROFIsafe / PROFINET
          "Master of Static." Explaining the Mechanisms of Static Electricity with Illustrations
          These documents can be used to learn about a variety of topics such as the characteristics and principles of static electricity, the mechanism of charging, measuring methods, and countermeasures in a short time.
          Download of the Complete Set of 100 Questions & Answers about Laser Markers
          This collection contains a variety of information such as basic knowledge and installation precautions of laser markers as well as information on useful functions that, strangely, are not widely known. Don't miss this chance to download the complete set!
          Magnified Observation Techniques for Screws, Resin, Connectors, and Solder
          These guidebooks provide basic knowledge such as component types, terminology, and characteristics. You can also use these guidebooks to learn about magnified observation techniques from detailed examples, which makes these texts useful in staff training.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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