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          Newsletter 2017

          November 13, 2017

          Subject :

          We Need This Sensor!

          We Need This Sensor!

          This sensor is capable of a wide variety of detections and inspections including those above.
          Read these guides to see why KEYENCE vision sensors are popular around the world.
          Image Dimension Measurement System Benefits: Complete 1000 Hours of Inspection in Just 20 Hours
          The IM Series lead to major improvements in measurement and inspection efficiency. Using the IM Series effectively makes it possible to reduce the time spent doing this work to 1/50 of the normal time.
          Why is this possible?
          Download this document to learn about evaluation points for the IM Series from real cases of users implementing this system.
          Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples
          Dispenser Coating Process Edition
          This guide explains everything about the advantages of using laser displacement sensors. Have a look at how you can improve both cycle time and quality in dispenser coating processes.
          ·Inline, 100% inspections
          ·Checking the height, width, and volume of adhesives
          ·Improving inspection cycle time
          An Illustrated Guide to Digital Microscope Technology
          We have updated this popular text that was downloaded in great numbers. It contains over 30 pages of illustrations and explanations of topics such as optical mechanisms of lenses, lighting techniques, and the latest digital observation technology.
          Laser Marking Technology Introductory Guide
          What are lasers? This guide can be used to learn about laser marking basics such as oscillation principles, differences between oscillation methods and the characteristics of different wavelengths.
          A Laser Microscope Beginner's Guide for Learning about the Latest Shape Measurements
          Laser microscopes can perform ultra-precise evaluations of shapes that are micrometers or smaller in size.
          Use this guide to learn about the structure and principles of laser microscopes with helpful illustrations.
          Detect ANY Change in Appearance!
          The NEW Full-Spectrum LR-W Series solves the widest range of applications you have ever seen. Solve presence/absence applications, differentiate products with slight variations, detect registration marks, and verify color.
          [New Product] A Vision System with Unlimited Flexibility - Made Possible by All-In-One Illumination
          Eight-color LED illumination and a completely new inspection algorithm enables outstanding control.
          This makes it possible to accurately detect even minor changes in targets, regardless of their color, shape, glossiness, or type.
          Barcode Readers in the Electric and Electronic Parts Industry
          This barcode reader not only reads codes but also improves workability, improves quality, and reduces costs.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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