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          Newsletter 2019

          July 15, 2019

          Subject :

          Using Dimensional Measurements to Improve the Speed of the Entire Process

          Using Dimensional Measurements to Improve the Speed of the Entire Process
          When it comes to processes, the bottleneck tends to be measurement. You can use the IM Series, which can measure dimensions in 99 locations in as little as 3 seconds, to improve the speed of your entire process.
          Eliminates All the Concerns Regarding Lighting Settings for Image Processing
          Same color, noise, pattern, gloss...
          With LumiTrax™, KEYENCE's latest image processing system, stable inspections of a wide variety of target surface conditions are possible. See this guide for the mechanisms of this system.
          Electric Vehicle Laser Marking Applications
          -Electric Motor Edition-
          What sort of laser marking, and laser processing are required for the various types of motors that are installed in electric vehicles? This guide provides an explanation that includes CG images.
          Our Long-awaited Collection of Inspection Applications for Electric Vehicles
          Into the future, the switch to electric vehicles is expected to continue spreading. What are the inspections and measurements that are vital for the manufacturing of the key parts of electric vehicles? This guide is a must-see.
          [New Product] 4K Microscope Now on Sale
          KEYENCE has released the latest digital microscope in our series that boasts usage in over 20000 companies around the world. See this guide for details on this product's cutting-edge functions and unprecedented ease of use.
          A Guidebook for Eliminating Defects in Injection Molding
          Regarding typical injection molding defects and their corresponding countermeasures, this guidebook uses actual examples to introduce detailed countermeasure methods seen from 3D measurements.
          Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
          1. Highly durable and resistant to impacts despite its compact size
          2. High-powered and resistant to dirt, for use in harsh environments
          3. Easy optical-axis alignment with setup software and laser alignment tool
          Introducing an Ultra-compact Vision Sensor That Can Handle Common Issues at Worksites
          1. We can't install a camera because of the narrow installation space.
          2. We can't install the sensor close to the workpiece.
          3. We want to check a wider field of view.
          KEYENCE's latest vision sensor solves issues like these!
          KAIZEN Case Studies, Code Reader × Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industry
          This collection of barcode reader applications offers hints for improving the efficiency of your worksite and reducing its labor requirements.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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