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          Newsletter 2019

          September 30, 2019

          Subject :

          [New] Image Dimension Measurement System

          [New] Image Dimension Measurement System
          This product is equipped with new functions that make it possible to optimize its program mode and run mode. Reductions in inspection time can help lower expenses and unit costs.
          With Auto-Teach Inspection Based on Image Processing, Advanced Inspections Can Be Easily Automated
          The vision system studies the variations and individual differences of good parts, detecting anything that falls outside these parameters as defective parts. This guide will show you not only how accurate the inspections are but also how easy it is to configure the settings.
          Measure the flow with
          No contact, No pipe modifications
          Clamp-on flow sensors can measure the flow from the exterior of piping. There is absolutely no contact with the fluid so it is both safe and easy to install.
          A Compilation of the Latest Digital Microscope Observation and Application Examples From 12 Industries
          This guide introduces the latest observation and application examples from 12 industries including the automotive, electrical/electronic, and food industries. Use this guide to check out examples and improvement strategies in various industries.
          Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples
          Dispenser Coating Process Edition
          This guide explains everything about the advantages of using laser displacement sensors. Have a look at how you can improve both cycle time and quality in dispenser coating processes.
          ·Inline, 100% inspections
          ·Checking the height, width, and volume of adhesives
          ·Improving inspection cycle time
          [Beginner's Guide] An Explanation of Laser Microscopes From the Basics
          This guide explains the principles and advantages of laser microscopes, beginning with the basics, in a manner that is easy to understand even for beginners. A must-read for anyone using or planning to use a laser microscope!
          New! Laser Marking Equipment Examples
          Do you mark tools, drills, or other such products that are difficult to mark on the manufacturing line?
          If so, we hope you will take a look at this guide, which contains laser marking equipment examples and functions that can be of use to you in improving your processes.
          Do You Want to Improve Your Operations With Code Readers?
          This collection of barcode reader applications will give you hints for how to obtain greater efficiency and labor savings at your worksite.
          Tips for On-site Improvement That Can Lead to Cost Reductions
          KEYENCE's rich lineup of contact and non-contact sensors can be used to improve your production efficiency and quality. See this guide for example applications.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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