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          Newsletter 2020

          May 11, 2020

          Subject :

          High accuracy measurements - No human error

          High accuracy measurements - No human error
          The CL-3000 Series, which can be installed easily and can perform measurements with high accuracy, eliminates human error and the inability to perform 100% management, common bottlenecks in processes using conventional measurement systems. It also solves the problems of profile measurement of subtle thicknesses and initial costs, bottlenecks in processes using beta ray/x ray measurement methods.
          All-in-One Lighting Solution!
          To ensure stable vision system operation, selecting the right lighting is essential. Discover automotive industry application examples with multi-spectrum lighting offering impressive all-in-one functionality, and learn tips for ensuring high inspection stability.
          Introducing the Latest Microscope Usage Examples for Efficient Analysis
          Digital microscopes are frequently used in a wide variety of industries. See how microscopes are being put to use with specific industry examples. You may even discover ways to enhance your own tasks along the way!
          A Proposal for Using Laser Microscopes in Non-contact Roughness Measurements
          KEYENCE laser microscopes have high measurement accuracy and can perform measurements with simple operations. This guide introduces questions that we are frequently asked by customers considering purchasing our laser microscopes.
          [New Product] The Debut of a Safety Interlock Switch That Makes Device Safety Even Easier to Achieve
          Meet the GS Series — A new type of safety interlock switch!

          1. Intuitive operation
          2. Various installation configurations
          3. Constructs seamless systems
          High-accuracy 1 μm Measurement for Any Target at Minimal Cost!
          • Scratching
          • External mechanical components required
          • Difficult to mount
          Say goodbye to problems commonly associated with contact-type sensors! The GT2 Series offers stable measurement in any environment and for any workpiece.
          Easily Reduce Labor in Food, Medicine, and Cosmetics Industry Applications!
          Take advantage of tips for reducing labor and improving efficiency in food, medicine, and cosmetics industry processes!
          Micrometer-Level CAD Comparisons in Just 3 Seconds
          Instant comparisons with CAD data help to ensure product quality. By importing CAD files into the IM Series, users can obtain micrometer-level comparisons for products in as little as 3 seconds.
          An In-Depth Look at Using Laser Markers with Built-in Cameras
          How do laser markers with built-in cameras improve efficiency through marking inspection and code-reading? This guide answers that question with four different examples.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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