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          MD-F Reeks

          Built-in Thermopile Power Monitor


          A thermopile power monitor is standard-equipped inside the marking head. Output management, the most important aspect of laser marker equipment maintenance, can be performed easily, accurately, and with minimal time.

          Measurements performed with external equipment

          • Space to install measuring equipment in is required.
          • Variations in measurement results vary from operator to operator.
          • Measurement devices may need replaced.
          • Measurement must be performed with the safety cover open.

          Measurements performed with the built-in power monitor

          • No space to install measuring equipment in is required.
          • Variations in measurement results are always consistent.
          • Measurements can be completed using a PC.
          • The safety cover does not have to be opened.

          What is a thermopile power monitor?

          To accurately monitor the output power of the laser, the amount of heat generated must be measured. In the case of high-power laser markers, the conventional method is to measure the amount of light generated, however this leads to inaccurate measurements because the laser beam could only be detected when it was significantly attenuated. With the thermopile method, even the output of high-power lasers can be measured with high precision.

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