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Hybride lasermarker met 3-assen

MD-X Reeks

Marking Builder 3

The Marking Builder 3 software suite was developed to bring out the high performance of the MD-X Series in an easy to use graphical interface. Even users with no experience in laser programming can easily begin programming very complex marking setups.


Settings for three-dimensional shapes can be configured in three steps by following the on-screen guidance. The 3D preview can be used to check alignment an view finished programmes in 3D. It is also easy to import and edit logo data.


High quality marking is possible on flat and curved moving targets. The laser is programmed according to the installation conditions, so even first-time users can easily configure the settings.


The software automatically extracts the optimum marking settings when the user selects the material type. The optimum conditions can be found quickly from the list of marking results. A wealth of experience was conventionally required to set the marking conditions, but this can now be done easily and in a short length of time.


Using 3D CAD data (STL format), the actual profile of the target can be imported into Marking Builder 3 and used as the base of the layout. This enables users to configure settings and perform marking on targets that have complicated profiles that cannot be expressed with basic shapes such as cylinders and step height changes.

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