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Micro Flow
Monitoring from
Outside the Pipe

NEW FD-X Series Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor

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Unmatched Versatility

Monitor instantaneous flow, accumulated/totalised flow, and even shot/dispensing amounts.

  • Spraying / Coating

  • Dispensing

  • Filling / Dosing / Injecting

  • Cooling / Lubricating

Utilise Everywhere

Any liquid can be monitored including viscous, corrosive, and sanitary liquids. Simply clamp-on to any pipe, or even tubing.

  • Liquids

    Water, Grease, Oil/Lubricant, Adhesive, Chemicals, FIPG
  • Pipes / Tubing

    Plastic, Rubber, Metal

Zero Impact on Process

By being completely non-contact, risks like clogging, pressure loss, and the need for any pipe modification are all eliminated.

Monitor Micro Flow Anywhere

FD-X Series
Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor

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