3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

VK-X series

Wide-field Measurements

Easily perform high-speed image stitching and wide-field measurements with WIDE-Scan


A narrow field-of-view prevents a user from understanding the target as a whole and restricts the measurement range.


High-speed, High-precision WIDE-Scan Solution

Use WIDE-Scan mode to easily understand the overall structure of a target.

A high magnification image allows users to perform measurements with high-precision. However, as the magnification is increased, the field-of-view reduces, making it difficult to understand where you are looking or what you are looking at. WIDE-Scan allows users to quickly and easily generate a wider field-of-view image by stitching together multiple images.


Measuring only a single area often leads to incorrect data when applied to the entire target.


High-speed, High-precision WIDE-Scan Solution

Multiple areas can be measured and averaged with WIDE-Scan.

If only measuring a limited number of areas, the numerical values may vary depending on the locations being measured. WIDE-Scan obtains a wide-field, high-resolution 3D image and allows users to average data collected from a much larger sample area.

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