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          3D Laser Scanning Confocal MicroscopeVK-X series


          Measurement head: Violet semiconductor laser


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          Approx. 13.0 kg


          measurement head

          Total magnification

          Up to 28,800 x*1

          Field of view (minimum range)

          11 to 7,398 µm

          Frame rate (laser measurement speed)

          4 to 125 Hz, 7,900 Hz*2

          Measurement principle

          Optical system

          Pinhole confocal optical system, Focus variation

          Light-receiving element

          16-bit sensing: photomultiplier, High-definition colour CMOS

          Scanning method (during general measurement and image stitching)

          Automatic upper/lower limit setting, rapid laser light intensity setting (AAGII) , automatic detection and rescanning in case of poor reflection (double scan)

          Height measurement

          Display resolution

          0.5 nm

          Linear scale

          Dynamic range

          16 bits

          Repeatability σ

          Laser confocal

          20 x, 40 nm; 50 x, 12 nm

          Focus variation

          5 x, 500 nm; 10 x, 100 nm; 20 x, 50 nm; 50 x, 20 nm

          Height data acquisition range

          0.7 million steps


          0.2 + L /100 µm or better*3

          Width measurement

          Display resolution

          1 nm

          Repeatability 3σ

          Laser confocal

          20 x, 100 nm; 50 x, 40 nm

          Focus variation

          5 x, 400 nm; 10 x, 400 nm; 20 x, 120 nm; 50 x, 50 nm


          ±2 %*3

          XY stage configuration

          Manual: Moving range

          70 mm x 70 mm

          Motorised: Moving range

          100 mm x 100 mm


          Image options

          High-definition colour CMOS image 16-bit laser colour confocal image Confocal optical system with ND filter C-laser DIC image (differential interference image)


          Ring illumination, coaxial illumination

          Laser light source for measurements


          Violet semiconductor laser, 404 nm

          Maximum output power

          1 mW

          Laser class

          Class 2 laser product (IEC60825-1)

          Power supply

          Power voltage

          100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

          Current consumption

          150 VA

          *1 23 inch full-screen display.
          *2 At maximum speed when using a combination of measurement mode/measurement quality/lens magnification. When the line scan is within a measurement pitch of 0.1 µm.
          *3 When measuring a standard sample (standard scale) with a 20 x objective lens (or higher).

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