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New Product: VR-3200

Fast 3D measurement of large areasDebut of One-shot 3D Measuring Macroscope

<Features of the new 3D Measuring Macroscope>Captures the 3D shape of an object in seconds.

XYZ traceabilityXYZ traceability

Captures shape data at 800000 measuring points in seconds at a long working distance of 75 mm. This shortens the time required for sample positioning and measurement, and enables analysis over large areas.

  • BearingBearing
  • Fracture surface of metal (ductility)Fracture surface of metal (ductility)

<3D measurement in a large area makes analysis more effective>High-speed motorized XY stage covers 200 mm x 100 mm

Utilising the high-speed motorized XY stage enables accurate analysis of curvature, inclination, shape, etc. in a wide area.

  • Tool blade edgeTool blade edge
  • dentureDenture


  • Template for repeated measurements

    Automatic position correction

    Automatic position correction

    even when the position differs

    even when the position differs


  • Comparative measurement of acceptable and defective products


  • CAD data output

    Volume and surface area

  • Report creation

    Radius, angle, height difference


VR Series Wide-Area 3D Measurement System Catalogue

VR Series Wide-Area 3D Measurement System Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:7.03MB

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