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VHX-1000 series

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Fixed (Primary) Lenses

Long-focal-distance lens: VH-W50 / W100 / W200

Working while monitoring target

The long-focal-distance lens provides a long monitoring distance of 2.36" to 3.07" (60 to 78 mm), allowing you to continue working while monitoring a target. You can view clear images even when close monitoring is impossible, such as a target in a recess or the presence of a glass plate between the lens and target.

Long-focal-distance lens: VH-W50 / W100 / W200

Hyper-view lens: VH-V100 / V200

Easy monitoring of a glossy target with minimum halation

The hyper-view lens suppresses halation (reflection) from a glossy surface, enabling detailed monitoring. You can easily detect a flaw, stain or crack on metal, glass or ceramic surfaces that are difficult to detect using conventional microscopes.

Hyper-view lens: VH-V100 / V200

Vertical-illumination lens: VH-C501 / C1001

Monitoring metal surfaces

The vertical-illumination lens utilizes our original optical system to give it a thin body. You can clearly monitor Microstructure of metal or a semiconductor surface, which are hard to see using conventional lateral illumination. Two models are available with magnification factors 500x and 1000x.

Vertical-illumination lens: VH-C501 / C1001

Fixed-magnification lens: VH-20 / 50 / 100 / 200/ 501 / 1001

Lens selection based on desired magnification

Select your desired magnification from between 20x and 1000x. These fixed-magnification lenses provide a larger depth-of-field than conventional microscopes, enabling you to obtain a sharp 3-D image. Two types of illumination heads are included: Contact and non-contact (except for VH-20).

Fixed-magnification lens: VH-20 / 50 / 100 / 200/ 501 / 1001

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