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XYZ Motorised Control

XYZ Motorised Control and High-speed Image Stitching Function

Simple operation using 3-axis (XYZ) motorised control [Industry's First]

The microscope stand can be equipped with a motorised XY stage that is easily controlled using a joystick. Also, with the automatic lens/magnification recognition function (DOUBLE'R), movement in the X, Y, and Z axis will automatically adjust to provide the appropriate speed based on the magnification being used.

Auto Focus Function

Double click to move to the centre of the screen

Field-of-view adjustments with just a click of a mouse

Users can effortlessly move around on an object by clicking and dragging the mouse in the direction of travel. Double-clicking a location on the screen will automatically move that area to the centre of the screen.

Ultra High-speed Image Stitching Function [World's First]

Observation area expanded up to 200 times

Navigation Function

Navigation Function [World’s First]

The stitched image can be utilised as a navigation screen. Clicking on the position that you wish to observe will automatically move the stage to the selected location. The current field-of-view is outlined in a yellow frame and the previously viewed field-of-view is outlined in a red frame, making it easier to manoeuvre the stage. Also, when performing high magnification observation, this function is extremely useful for understanding which area of the target is being observed.

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