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VHX-2000 series

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3D Display & Measurement

Wide-field 3D Image Stitching & Measurement Function

Fully-focused Images and 3D Observation with the Push of a Button


Even when a target has an uneven surface, a fully-focused image can be obtained instantly by compiling images at different focal planes. After creating the composite image, the focal position data can then be used to construct a 3D model. When the Z-axis motorised stage is used, this 3D image can be displayed easily by just pushing a button on the console.

3D display

3D stitched image/3D profile measurement

Height colour/Scale display

Colour bars that indicate height are displayed on a 3D image. The highest position is displayed in red and the lowest position is displayed in blue, allowing you to see height differences clearly at a glance. The height data can be superimposed on a raw image. Furthermore, the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis scales are calculated automatically and displayed according to the image size and the 3D rotation angle.

Electronic die component (500×)


The volume within the selected rectangle on the 3D image can be measured.

Cross section profile

A selected cross-section of the 3D image can be displayed as a profile line.

Plane distance

A distance between two parallel planes in the 3D image can be measured.

Plane angle

A cross section angle of two chosen planes in the 3D image can be measured.


Measures the radius and angle of any area on the 3D image.

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